Iman Dah Boleh Jalan!!

Mama, tolong Iman, Iman takut..


Alahmdulilaah, She make it at last!! I know she tried the best to jalan early, tp abang amir suka tolak iman, may be that's the reason she's trauma utk jalan.
At 13 months, Iman dah jalan!!! love u sayang
jom kita check development @ 13 months
  • Gigi
Gigi baru lagi 2 nak tumbuh sebelah atas.. means ade 6 btg gigi
  • Jalan
She able to walk at 13 months, tp still lelong2 lagi.. u make proud of u!
  • Motor Skill
Fine and gross motor skill grows very well, able to grasp, susun lego, able to naik turun katil @ sofa, able to suap mama

  • Social Skill
Iman quite independent compare to separation anxiety
  • Size Baju
Surprisingly, she still can wear 3 months old size, Now he weight is 9 kg, slim melim anak mama ni, Size kasut 3.

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