when love drives us...

Alhamdulillah, thank God, Abah got time to write again. it's quite a while abah not writing something like this...except emails Abah write when miss Mama :) Today was just like other days. Abah feel like wanna go in bed early...letih sgt....! after days riding on strong & sloppy waves, Abah would say "only a tough guy could able to be here..."

nevertheless, it's not the matter how tough we are but what matter most is what drive us from inside. apa lah agaknya yg drive us tu? siapa tahu boleh angkat tgn ye?

btul lah tu...the love drives us to be strong in life. people might be weak physically but strong mentally caused of love. Abah selalu tgk org2 yg kerja keras, yg kita boleh jumpa di mn2...definitely they would work harder for their love.
with this current nature of work, Abah believe not all people have strength to stand this way. fortnightly away from the love ones; Mama, Amir, Iman...and only have less than 14 days to be together. only LOVE which drives Abah to be here, and all fathers who are here, now and then.

quoted from YBhg Tan Seri President; "there are thousands among us (Malaysians) who work there (), far away from their family and loved ones, where we Malaysians owed them on their sacrifice."
there is still a week to go...and the love still drives Abah to be here...

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