What He Did when he Miss Abah?

Today is friday already, end of this week and 2 more days to celebrate Chinese New Year. CNY normally will represent an animal as icon for that year, This year is TIGER year... ngaumm...ngaummm

Means another 5 days to see abah again, Amir looks like really miss abah.

Mama rasa amir dah get used dgn rutin kerja abah, yang 2 minggu off 2 weeks on duty. tp kadang mama pun rasa yang sama, MISS abah. but still syukur pada ALLAh atleast we still can talk thru the phone and emel everyday. Cuma mama dan abah plan, before Amir go to secondary school, InsyaAllah it will be ended. Sebab masa inilah amir akan mencari identiti yang akan dibawa sampai dewasa. Identiti sebagai lelaki berhati waja, dan Iman sebagai Wanita yang Cekal.

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